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PAW Week 2

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This week’s PAW picture is Tony Stewart.

 I was the Public Relations Director at Martinsville Speedway for seven years. I was there the first time Tony came to the speedway for testing. On the second day of testing, I went to Tony’s hauler and sat down for a chat. He talked about how he wasn’t happy with the way things were going and his times weren’t all that good. Having watched a lot of drivers I felt like he was driving too hard into the turns. So I told him.

I explained that at Martinsville you couldn’t drive too hard into the corners. You needed to slow down, and then get the car settled enough to be able to hit the gas again as close to the center of the turn as possible. After all, that’s how the guys who go fast there told me they do it. He listened politely and we had a nice conversation.

Anyway, he came back and won the pole position for the race. He really is a nice guy and it was no different when he visited the speedway this week. Click on the thumbnails photos below Tony for other photos I shoot for the PAW project this week.


 008_17a.jpg 004_21a.jpg 039_12a.jpg


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March 16, 2008 at 4:43 pm

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