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Today’s Portrait

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August 18, 2010 at 12:41 pm

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A Friday The 13th Story

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Today actually started out very nicely. Lying on my back in bed, I opened by eyes about 6:30 a.m. to see my dog Lucy staring back at me. She commenced to licking my face.

After taking all the loving I could stand, I hopped out of the bed, took a shower, put on my shorts, flip-flops, a red and white seersucker shirt and grabbed my red and white striped reading glasses. I was home long enough to read the newspaper, drink a couple of cups of coffee, give my lovely wife, Mattie, a kiss before throwing my camera bag over my shoulder and was off to the studio.

I wanted to get there early due to the flooring guys coming by to do some final touch-ups. I had planned to spend the day finishing up some decorating.

On my way, I stopped to get my usual tall Creamy Caramel coffee at Binding Time. After a nice chat with them I hopped back in the car and was on my way. It went downhill from there.

I took the hard turn out of the parking lot and suddenly I had creamy caramel pouring down my pants and shirt. The cup holder failed me.

Instead of going to the office, I drove back home and put on a pink and white seersucker shirt, new shorts and a pair of pink and blue reading glasses to go with my shirt. After all, I couldn’t wear the red ones with a pink shirt.

I then drove to the studio and began putting together a piece of furniture to hold my cable box, router, wireless gear, Blu-Ray player and Drobo.

Now I don’t usually buy anything that I have to put together. It’s never as simple as it looks. While putting it together I realized one of the four legs was shorter than the others. About the same time, I heard someone walking on my roof. I walked outside to look and saw nothing. I completed the table and leveled it up with a piece of felt that goes on furniture legs to protect the floor. Of course, there was one bolt left over.

Then I heard someone walking on the roof again. I opened the back door to discover a Bryant’s Heating and Air truck and just figured a neighbor’s AC wasn’t working. This row of about eight buildings are connected.

I then started trying to figure out how to hide all the wires from the TV I have mounted on the wall to all the gear on the table. That didn’t go well but it’s too long of a story.

I then decided to turn on the Blu-Ray player. Of course, you have to set it up as it connects to the internet. It asked if I wanted to go wireless or hard-wired. I choose wireless, but that naturally was an accessory I didn’t purchase.

Since I had sweated right through my pink seersucker shirt while putting the table together and crawling around on the floor making connections, and I needed the proper wire for the Blu-Ray, I decided to drive home. I left the flooring guys at the studio and told them I’d be back in about 15 minutes.

I got home, left the car running so it would stay cool on a 90 degree morning, put on a green and white seersucker shirt and grabbed my green and white reading glasses. That was three shirts and it was only 10:45 a.m. I found the correct cord in my connection graveyard and ran to the car.

It was locked with the keys in the ignition and the engine running. I don’t think I have done that in 30 years. It took about 10 seconds to realize there was no way to get in the car since I haven’t seen the back-up keys in two years.

I called Ashley Key and Lock and waited. I watched as the AC condensation began running down the driveway. Then it hit me I would need to pay them. I had no cash and haven’t written a check in years. I began searching for the checkbook. Ten minutes later I found it. I decided to fill out all the info on the check except for the amount.

That’s when it hit me. It’s Friday the 13th.

At that point, I was thinking I would rather stand toe-to-toe with Jason Voorhees than have the day I was having. Jason would be no problem for a U.S. Marine.

About that time, Mattie arrived home and I asked her to go to the studio because the flooring guys didn’t have a key to lock up if they needed to leave. Before she drove off she said, “Use the AAA card and they will pay for it.” Great idea I thought. I’ve been paying AAA for years and never used it.

I looked though my wallet. No card. I when to my home office desk and started looking. I quickly found the card and let out a big, “YES”. My elation was short lived as I discovered the card expired last year. I knew there had to be an updated card. After a couple of minutes of searching, I found it.

Ashley arrived and unlocked my car in about 20 seconds. I paid with AAA and was off to the studio.

I setup my Drobo with a couple of 2TB greenies and then attempted to hook up another hard drive that had files that I needed to move onto the new Drobo. I hooked up the Drobo via firewire and the only connection I have for the other hard drive was firewire. I only have one firewire port on the computer. I won’t repeat what I said.

I hung my head, walked back to my car, drove home, snatched a USB connector, kissed Mattie and drove back to the studio. At least this time there was no shirt change.

I decided that the best thing for me to do the rest of the afternoon was just move files onto the Drobo, play The Dark Knight movie on TV and write about my day.

But as every good story ends, there is a silver lining to my day. An upcoming bride, with whom I had spoken earlier this week, came by the studio today to confirm she wanted me to photograph her wedding in a few months. I’m a happy guy.

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August 13, 2010 at 3:52 pm

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Chamber Annual Meeting

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The Martinsville and Henry County Chamber of Commerce held its Annual Meeting on Tuesday night at Chatmoss Country Club. Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling was the guest speaker for the evening. When Lt. Gov. Bolling came into the ballroom he grabbed my tie and asked, “What’s on the tie.” It was a tie with little shrimp in bowls of grits.

The last photo is of former Delegate Barnie Day who won the Fred Herring Award.

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August 12, 2010 at 11:50 am

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Midnight Madness – Field Hockey

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Carlisle School’s field hockey team held their first practice of the season this morning at the Smith River Sports Complex in a “Midnight Madness” event. It rained pretty hard during the practice, which included a couple of alumni, and you can really see the rain pouring down in one photo.

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August 1, 2010 at 3:28 am

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Midnight Madness – Soccer

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Carlisle School held a “Midnight Madness” event this morning for their first practice of the season. It was pouring rain for most of the practice that began at midnight. I went to bed early and set my alarm clock for 11:15 to go out there. These are photos from the event.

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August 1, 2010 at 3:20 am

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Midnight Madness – Alumni

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Carlisle School held a “Midnight Madness” event this morning. It was the first day they could hold practice for the upcoming soccer and field hockey seasons. A big group of soccer alumni came to play a scrimmage game against the current Carlisle side (soccer slang for team – I watched the World Cup). Here’s a few photos of the old guys (wearing grey t-shirts) in action.

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August 1, 2010 at 3:12 am

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